GRIND (v.): a repetitive task done over & over to achieve a goal; to move laboriously against a countering force.

Regardless of the definition you choose, “The Grind“ is the point where things become hard. You’re likely exhausted, tired and maybe even questioning whether you should continue. It’s a point where you really have three choices: quit; ease up; or go all-in - drive hard and push through to persevere. 

Whether you’re in the gym, the court, the field, the warehouse floor, the office, the boardroom, out in the elements, or recovering from an injury or illness - pushing through is not always easy. It requires the right mindset; mental toughness through adversity; and the ability to stay determined to achieve your goal. 

The Grind may not be fun or easy, but it should be embraced. How we approach the grind can be the difference between: gains and loses; starts and finishes; comebacks and just short scenarios; and ultimately the difference between success and disappointment. 

Grind, hustle and strive are not just words - It’s a calling for those living the grind culture. Grind Toothpaste is a subtle reminder to get after it, grind, and never quit; a testament to those that put in the work - giving everything you’ve got day-in and day-out to achieve your goals. 

Rise. Grind. Repeat.