not grandpa's paste

We're not your grandpa's toothpaste... but if we were he'd be cool like ours. Look, fluoride is old school... 68 years old to be exact.

Meet Grind- 4.0 glorious ounces of next-gen toothpaste... designed to work as hard as you do!

If your still brushing with a 68 year old formula maybe it's time to shake things up.

Not basic

Would you settle for a basic burger? Hell no... So why would you settle for basic toothpaste? You shouldn't, and you don't have to any longer.

We're putting big paste on notice by raising the bar with high-standard toothpaste with all the fixings—because nobody wants basic toothpaste after a big burger with red onion.

Athlete Owned

NBA star, Cole Anthony, stacking Grind. "Finally, a natural toothpaste designed to work, hard."

-Cole Anthony, Co-Owner & Creative Director


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