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Q & A

Why Grind Toothpaste?

This is NOT your average toothpaste. Considerable effort went into making Grind Toothpaste to ensure perfection. Grind is loaded with high-demand ingredients to provide you an amazing ALL-IN toothpaste experience. The first product you'll grab each morning and last product you'll use each night. A subtle reminder to get after it; grind; and never quit. Rise. Grind. Repeat.

What makes Grind different?

Grind is infused with Hydroxyapatite (a natural mineral) and Theobromine (a natural chocolate [cacao] extract), which are both backed by science to strengthen enamel. This unique combo allows us to use activated charcoal the way it's intended - to whiten without worry! 

What is Hydroxyapatite?

It's a natural mineral and a naturally occurring material in our bodies. The main component of our teeth is hydroxyapatite, encompassing 97% of the enamel. It's one of the most studied biomaterials in the medical field for its proven biocompatibility. In 1970 NASA created a synthetic form of hydroxyapatite to restore astronauts teeth following missions in space; and it’s been used in Japan to combat cavities for over 40 years. However, we are using the real stuff - no synthetics here!

How does Hydroxyapatite compare to Fluoride?

Hydroxyapatite is non-toxic and studies indicate it performs equal to or better than fluoride.“hydroxyapatite has significant remineralizing effects on enamel; superior to conventional fluoride; and good results on the sensitivity of the teeth.” Source:

Does Hydroxyapatite help with sensitivity?

Yes, in fact studies show: “Hydroxyapatite, no doubt shows definite potential, as an effective desensitizing agent, providing quick and sustained relief from symptoms, when compared to the other agents.” Source:

What is Theobromine?

A natural chocolate (cacao) extract used to assist with remineralization and potentially assist with hypersensitivity. Backed by science, Theobromine has the capacity to reduce plaque and prevents cavities; therefore, "Theobromine can be used as an alternative for fluoridated toothpastes." Source:

What is the percentage of Hydroxyapatite and Theobromine?

We only disclose the percentages of "active ingredients" that are considered Over the Counter (OTC), as required by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). As a corporate policy, we do not disclose percentages of our unique formulations and ingredient combinations. That said, you can rest assured knowing we are results based, not percentage based. We use effective amounts that deliver real results.

Is activated charcoal toothpaste safe?

Activated charcoal has been used in medicine for thousands of years. Today, there are many charcoal-based toothpastes on the market; however, they are not all equal or safe! To combat any concern over excessive abrasiveness - We use an effective amount of activated charcoal derived naturally from coconut shells for its whitening properties. We combine charcoal with other natural cleaning and the remineralizing ingredients to gently whiten without the worry!

What is the Relative Dentin Abrasion (RDA) score for Grind Toothpaste?

Grind Toothpaste has an RDA value of 79.54 ± 3.27, which is on the lower end of the index and well within the acceptable limit (RDA ≤ 250) for dentifrice dentin abrasivity defined by the Organization for Standardization (ISO) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI)/American Dental Association (ADA) standards. Grind Toothpaste adheres to ADA, ISO and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines.

Is Grind Toothpaste safe for daily use?

Grind Toothpaste is absolutely safe for daily use. No toxic chemicals. No harsh or highly abrasive ingredients. Different by design.

Does Grind Toothpaste contain fluoride?

No. We eliminated fluoride and replaced it with Hydroxyapatite; then we doubled down by adding Theobromine. Win-win.

Is Grind Toothpaste tested on animals?

No. Never. PETA approved.

Is Grind toothpaste vegan friendly and cruelty free?

Yes. PETA approved.

Are grind products and containers BPA free?


What does "No Weak Sauce" mean?

No bad stuff: No SLS, Triclosan, Parabens, Dyes, Peroxide, Animal Products, Artificial Flavors or Artificial Sweeteners.Descriptive topic content body text

Will Grind Toothpaste turn my teeth black?

No. We uphold the highest standards of quality. As for color, Grind Toothpaste was unique designed to turn grey as you brush. 

Is Grind Toothpaste safe for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes; however, if you have concerns we recommend speaking with your dentist and/or doctor.

Is Grind Toothpaste safe for kids?

Yes; however, if you have concerns we recommend speaking with your dentist and/or doctor.

What does "Paste with Purpose" mean?

It means every purchase matters. We (together) do good through toothpaste! Our mission is to source the finest ingredients and employ the best toothpaste in the world, while helping veterans on the back-end.

What does "Mint Elevated" mean?

The flavor is dialed in with a burst of mint that is just right; it's balanced; it freshens and is NOT overwhelming. "Mint Elevated" pays tribute to this great flavor; and it's also a subtle reference to where it's made.Utah. Life Elevated.

Who's behind 'the grind?'

Three military veterans have joined forces to bring you grind. A lifestyle toothpaste brand dedicated to providing safe, great tasting, natural and extremely effective oral care products. Extraordinary products backed by science to help people increase their oral health, while inspiring them to get after it, grind, and never quit.