Small team. Big mission.

Roger L. Gindlesperger Jr., Co-Founder & CEO

Roger served 20 years in the U.S. Army, including 13-years in Special Operations and 14 combat tours in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn. He retired in 2017 and drove inbound receive operations as an Area Manager with Amazon before launching Grind. Roger has 22 years of experience in logistics; and 18 years of leadership experience. He holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (LSSBB). Today, Roger is a Lead Program Manager for the U.S. Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center by day; and runs Grind by night.

Mary Ann B. Gindlesperger, Co-Founder & COO

As a 20-year military spouse, including 13 years in the fast-paced Special Operations community, Mary Ann is highly adaptable and flexible to any situation. She is a tested volunteer that is committed, passionate and resilient. Today, Mary Ann drives the day-to-day Grind operation.

Marques Ogden, Co-Owner & CMO

Marques blocked for the Tennessee Titans, Buffalo Bills, Baltimore Ravens, and the Jacksonville Jaguars during his 5-year NFL career. Marques is now in the trenches combating oral care problems! Today, Marques is on Offense, leading marketing efforts as Grind competes with the Toothpaste Giants. As a former athlete, Marques wants to win; and with his ambition and drive, Grind is ready to compete.

Dr. Jay Grossman, D.D.S., Co-Owner & Chief Dental Advisor (CDA)
Dr. J is a celebrity dentist; and an expert in cosmetic and comprehensive dentistry, ranging from the prevention and treatment of cavities to the creation of porcelain crowns. Dr. J is also the Founder and executive director of the non-profit Homeless Not Toothless (www.homelessnottoothless.org). He has made it possible for thousands of homeless people to receive over $2-million of dental care over the past 20 years. The United States Navy recognized Dr. J for his philanthropic efforts and he's been the subject of national media coverage in magazines including Time, People, and Better Homes & Gardens. As a dentist active on the national stage, Dr. J maintains three licenses: the Northeast, Nevada, and California. As a foremost dental expert, he has been involved in mediating over 300 dental malpractice cases.

Camron Brown, Co-Owner & Director of Strategic Partnerships

A 2020 graduate of the University of Kentucky, Camron previously worked in marketing with the Baltimore Ravens and media relations with the University of Kentucky Men’s basketball and football teams. He has a certificate in entrepreneurship, and has represented the University of Kentucky in numerous statewide competitions, winning outright, and directors choice. Camron also wrote a book about the changing of media consumption habits!

Jabari Ashe, Co-Owner & Director of Athlete Recruitment & Retention

Jabari has gained credibility operating his own personal training company and mentoring North Carolina youth. He is a retail trader on the foreign exchange market and coaches youth basketball.


Our story has yet to be written; however, we're not 'Big Paste'. We are real people grinding it out to do good through toothpaste. Big Paste, embrace the Grind, we're coming for you. #justthebeginning


Roger served 20 years in the U.S. Army, including 13-years in Special Operations with 14 combat tours. In 2010, while on a routine exercise in Bangladesh, he became severely ill and was medically evacuated to Thailand; hospitalized; and then flown back to the United States for further evaluation.

He was incapacitated. Roger was on bed rest for three months; seen numerous doctors from Internal Medicine to Infectious Disease; however no one could determine the cause. It changed his life dramatically. It took many years just to be able to run again; and function at a normal level. Against the odds, he pushed through. Roger went on to earn an MBA; a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt; retire from the U.S. Army; and ultimately launch Grind.

Roger was selected twice for elite Special Operations assignments; completed advanced military training; and conducted numerous short-notice deployments in austere environments; however, this illness was the hardest challenge he ever faced. It was a daily struggle that took sheer grit and determination to never quit.

While Roger's struggles inspired Grind, the brand is not about him. Everyone has their own struggles; and their own unique challenges. If through one word, 'Grind' on a toothpaste tube encourages even one person to get through their day... then we did right by the brand.


Grind is a lifestyle toothpaste brand designed to deliver; and destined to disrupt. We solve problems through grit, determination, innovation and the relentless pursuit of perfection. Grind is a mindset and a movement. A movement that will enable this side hustle to compete with the toothpaste ‘giants’ of the world and change the industry as we know it today! 


We challenge you to go after it, grind, and above all else, never quit! Grind... It's subtle yet powerful. At face value it's a name on a tube; but it's much more. It's a message that promotes a never quit mentality centered around hard work, maximum effort, unwavering strength and an all-in commitment to push through; get back up to achieve the impossible.


We are committed to providing safe, great tasting, natural and extremely effective oral care products. Extraordinary products backed by science to help people increase their oral health, while creating a movement.


Do great through toothpaste. We push ourselves harder, faster and stronger to deliver on this promise by building trust with you; Customer First - Mission Always. We build trust through transparency. Transparency with every single ingredient in every product we create. From where the ingredient was sourced to why it's being used. Transparency with who we support and how your purchase matters. Bottom line - we deliver full transparency, great products and great value in order to achieve a great mission.


Customer First - Mission Always; Honor; Integrity; Respect; Teamwork; Selfless Service; Think Big; Ownership; Personal Excellence; and Continuous Improvement.


A short clip about the Grind brand.