Is Charcoal Toothpaste Safe to Use?

Charcoal Toothpaste

Short answer, yes! However, not all charcoal toothpastes are created equal. Let me explain.

A quick Google search will leave you with more questions than answers… Is charcoal toothpaste good for you? Does charcoal toothpaste work? What are the pros and cons of charcoal toothpaste? What are the risks of charcoal toothpaste? and so on… 

In fact, five of the first 10 search results indicate charcoal toothpaste is too abrasive; and it’s just a fad. While that is the case for nearly all charcoal toothpastes on the market, a new innovative charcoal toothpaste is changing that narrative.

Introducing, Grind Toothpaste. "Grind has an RDA score of 79, making Grind one of the least abrasive toothpastes on the market." -Dr. Jay Grossman, D.D.S. This RDA score is equivalent to most sensitivity toothpastes; and indicates Grind is safe for daily lifetime use!

The difference is two fold. First, charcoal is just one of four natural whitening ingredients. Grind pairs activated charcoal with baking soda, calcium carbonate and hydrated silica to gently whiten.

Secondly, instead of stopping at fluoride-free, Grind actually replaced fluoride with two natural alternatives (hydroxyapatite and theobromine). By doing so, Grind goes well beyond whitening with ingredients that are scientifically proven to strengthen and remineralize your enamel.

Best part, Grind is Dentist Recommended; and Dentist Owned. So if your looking to jump back into some charcoal toothpaste, embrace the Grind!

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